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Southeastern Alberta    Call 1.403.526.8400

      Email: admin@safetybuzzcampus.ca

May 2017

Womens Self Defense

Safety Buzz Medicine Hat promotes safety and what better way to try out some new training then to have Wes Paterson train us in Women's Self Defense.  Come on out June 21st 6pm to empower yourselves ladies!

We will cover elements from the NSI / Worden Defense System, Jeet Kune Do & Bujinkan training - including both theory & hands on training components. Includes striking, attack target points, escapes, counters, evasive techniques, along with utilizing 'tools' for defense. 
Cost is only $40 - Bring workout clothes, running shoes, water bottle, a sweatshirt or light jacket, and an open attitude for learning potential life preserving skill sets. Register by calling 403.526.8400 or online at www.safetybuzz.ca Bring your friends and make it a ladies team building event!

young ladies (13-17) are welcome to attend with parental consent. Parent or Guardian must sign a waiver of release on there behalf prior to training course.

More info on our facebook page under events.

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Safety Training Medicine Hat

Safety Training Medicine Hat is such a training program where you can get various safety training .

safety training medicine hat

Simply put, our health and safety training programs help keep workplaces safe. That’s our measure of success.


A group of safety training medicine hat training professionals with the vision of creating the culture “safety lives with you 100% of the time”


  • To maintain a fantabulous staff of safety training medicine hat training professionals
  • To expand operations and Safety Buzz awareness
  • Diversify training courses offered
  • Improve/Increase employee training and awareness
  • Increase profitability
  • Educate the safety training medicine hat customers on procedures for certificates that are lost or tardy


  • Provide safety training medicine hat training that is fun and interactive
  • Practice high, ethical business standard
  • Meet the changing need of industry and the regulators
  • Structuring safety training medicine hat training so it is direct and facilitated in an efficient manner “time is money”
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Buzz Campus

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Safety With Your Comfort In Mind


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June's Special

$10 Off Confined Space

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Safety Buzz and Farm Safety

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