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Forklift/Telehandler Training Certified by CICT

Forklift is a one day workshop that covers the following topic areas:

  • Workplace Health & Safety Legislative Requirements
  • Elements of a Forklift/Counterbalance Truck
  • The Stability Triangle
  • Daily Forklift Operater Check List
  • The Principles of a Forklift
  • Safe Operations of a Lift Truck
  • Characteristics of a Competent Forklift Operator
  • Destabilizing Factors


Sliding Boom is a one-day workshop that covers the following topic areas:

  • Elements of a Sliding Boom
  • Safety and Inspection
  • Refueling
  • The Principles of a Zoom Boom – Counterbalance / Centre of Gravity
  • Vehicle Capacity (Load Charts)
  • Safe Operations of a Zoom Boom
  • Shutdown Procedures


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