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What do you need to Succeed?

Are you looking to get into truck driver training? 

Government Grant Application Below:

>>Experience and Equivalency Class 1 Mandatory Entry-Level Training Application<<

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Getting a Class 1 Melt license is a significant investment in time & money and your options for training are limited.

  Safety Buzz Campus has a solution for you!!!

Class 1 Experience and Equivalency           Class 3            Airbrakes

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Get Your Truck Driver Training & Save $$

Safety Buzz Campus is now offering Driver Training: Class 1 Experience and Equivalency (E&E), Class 3 and Airbrake Q Endorsement.  Our driving school has immediate availability for you to work towards operating a 3 or 4 axle truck such as tandem or triaxle, getting your airbrakes, and then getting a few years’ experience under your belt.  

How to save time and money as a new driver: Come take your class 3 training with us.  This could take a few short hours to a few days depending on your experience level. 

With your class 3 license you can drive:

any motor vehicle that the holder of a Class 5 license may drive

a single motor vehicle with 3 or more axles

a motor vehicle with 3 or more axles that is towing a trailer with one or more axles (if the trailer is not equipped with airbrakes)

a Class 2 or 4 type vehicle without passengers  (bus, taxi, ambulance)

a Class 1, 2 or 6 vehicles as a learner only

What can you drive with a class 3 license?

a dump truck 

a tandem axle straight truck

water truck

vacuum truck 

pump truck

mixer (cement) truck

large flat bed or tow trucks 

garbage and front-load trucks

lugger or roll-off trucks 

larger road-rail vehicles

some firefighter vehicles

Some industries that will hire you with a class 3 license?


Oil & Gas

City’s and Municipalities

Shipping Companies

Cement Companies

Water Haulers

Once you have earned your class 3 license and get 2 years of driving experience, then you can upgrade to a class 1 license through our class 1 experience and equivalency program.  This route will cost you a fraction of the time and financial investment and the driver already has got a significant amount of practice and driving experience.

Are you already an experienced class 3 driver?  If you have had your class 3 license for over 2 years you can upgrade to your class 1.  We can book you into our class 1 experience and equivalency program right away.  You have saved yourself a bunch of money and time!

Do you want to drive truck, but are hesitant to drive a manual transmission?  We have a truck with an automatic transmission that will make your class 3 driving experience a simpler transmission!

Safety Buzz Campus has 2 awesome driving instructors.  Dallas Duncan is our Senior Driving Instructor.  He will be instructing all levels of driver training.  All you ladies out there, we have Jenessa Pope as our second driving instructor.  She will be instructing class 3 (with the automatic truck) and class 1 E&E.  We are an equal opportunity employer and are so excited to have instructors with diverse driving experience and characteristics.

Q-Endorced Air Brakes Course:

Are you driving that big motorcoach, a bus, grain truck, or any other vehicle that has airbrakes?  In many situations and jurisdictions, you will need your Q-Endorced Air Brakes Course.  We have our Air Brakes board inspected and ready to go.  Whether you need your airbrakes course or want to take the course to learn more and ensure you can safely operate and vehicle with airbrakes, we are excited to help you out!  There are a wide variety of training options times available.  We will have weekday, weekend and even some evening courses available.

Call the Safety Buzz Campus today to book yourself or your team into one of the driver training or Q-Endorced Air Brakes Courses. There are many grant programs available for employers looking to upgrade their employees or train new ones such as the Canada Alberta Job Grant, the Alberta Jobs Now Program, and the Driving Back to Work Grants Program.  We can help you find a program that fits you and your teams’ needs.