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Southeastern Alberta    Call 1.403.526.8400

      Email: admin@safetybuzzcampus.ca

Class 1 Experience & Equivalency

Are you already an experienced class 3 driver? 

If you have had your class 3 license for over 2 years you can upgrade to your class 1. 

We can book you into our class 1 experience and equivalency program right away. 

You have saved yourself a bunch of money and time!


Do you want to drive truck, but are hesitant to drive a manual transmission? 

We have a truck with an automatic transmission that will make your class 3 driving experience a simpler transmission!


Safety Buzz Campus has 2 awesome driving instructors. 

Dallas Duncan is our Senior Driving Instructor.  He will be instructing all levels of driver training. 

All you ladies out there, we have Jenessa Pope as our second driving instructor.  She will be instructing class 3 (with the automatic truck) and class 1 E&E. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and are so excited to have instructors with diverse driving experience and characteristics.