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Hi all,

Happy Spring!  Boy, have we missed you all!  We are so excited to see you again!  We sure have been enjoying the amazing weather!  I hope you all have had time to enjoy the outdoors!

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our city.  Ted Clugston recently had a State of the City Address and mentioned that Medicine Hat's approach has been business as usual.  We want keep our community safe and we feel it's time to get back to business, although it may not be exactly as usual.

Here are some guideline we will be following.  If you are open or planning to open soon you will want to check this out.

Covid-19 Workplace Guidance for Business Owners

We will be offering less courses than usual and we are limiting our class size to maintain social distancing.  With our very large classrooms it is easy to accomodate a safe  environment for our clients.  Participants will be required to bring their own PPE, water, snacks & lunch. We will not be allowing people in and out of the yard during the day to reduce outside exposure.  We will have our class size limited to 1 person per table and we will have hand sanitizer, gloves and promote lot's of hand washing, especially after using equipment.

To protect our front end staff we will asking self paying students to prepay by either visa or etransfer so we are not taking payments.  Students will not be checking in at the front desk, they will be checking in through our registration process instead so students are not sharing pens.

See our COVID-19 Safety Buzz Campus Hazard Assessment

We are looking into solutions to help out those that are not ready to come into our Campus.

  1. If you are an essential service company and have a minimum group of 7 workers and a maximum of 10 workers requiring training, we will see if we can accomodate. Groups will be required to bring their own PPE, water, snacks & lunch. We will not be allowing people out of the yard during the day to reduce off campus exposure.
  2. If your workers need standard first aid training, they can take day one training online through Red Cross and will receive an AB OHS  workplace approved certification for 90 days without attending in-person training. This is especially valuable to those people who do not have a current first aid certificate as they are new or have allowed there training to lapse prior to COVID 19.
  3. We will offer fall protection and confined space level 1 (entry & awareness) as a webinar and participants will receive an F&S Safety Buzz certificate. 
    Fall Pro: Participants will be required to all demonstrate inspecting and donning a harness so will require a harness to use during the webinar
    Confined Space: Participants requiring a confined space rescue course will be required to come back and take there level II rescue training within 60 day.
  4. Our certificate expiry dates are extended to June 1st.  Many of the other certifying bodies are also offering expiry extensions.
  5.  We have some online training options that may be sufficient for your competent team member. We suggest sending your new team members to classroom training whenever possible.

Below are some online training courses offered through our website that will have the highest likelihood of meeting industry standards.  We still love classroom training for face to face interaction and learning but felt it crucial to offer some assistance in absence of classroom training being an option.  As always, you will need to verify team member skills to ensure competency. We suggest sending new workers to classroom training as soon as it is available again to gain top safety skills. 

Check out the Online Training Tab on our website or the links below:  www.fssafetybuzz.ca

Online Options

Standard Safety Courses

Confined Space

ESC Confined Space (OSSA Equivalent)

Fall Protection

Ground Disturbance 201



Equipment Training

Elevated Work Platform




Please look through all our online training options to find the course that suits your team best.  I am just providing some suggestions.

All Online Training Options

If you are in the concrete industry, here are some great safety guidelines to follow.  Check it out

COVID-19 Best Practice Health and Safety Guidelines for Employees in the Cement and Concrete Industry

More Helpful Websites

Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce

World Health Organization Advice for Public

Safety and Health Topics | COVID-19 - Control and Prevention | Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic | CAMH


Take care & Bee Safe.  We will miss you!

Remember: You VIEW shapes what you DO

Amy Zuk & Sheldon Olsen


F&S Safety Buzz 

Safe ~ ty  noun: protecting from harm, freedom from danger

F&S Safety Buzz was established December 1, 2018 as a merger between two leading training companies, Safety Buzz ETC and F&S Safety Services.  We have now added more instructors, courses and energy to the Buzz Campus in Dunmore. 


Safety Buzz was formed in 2004 with the vision of “Seeing training from a new perspective”  with training campuses in Medicine Hat and Bonnyville.  It was founded by Amy Zuk and Sheldon Olsen.

F&S Safety Services Ltd was a locally owned safety training company for over 25 years.

The F&S Safety Buzz team strive's to offer our students a comfortable learning atmosphere, so they can enter the workforce with confidence, or simply refresh their skills and knowledge to renew expired certificates. All of our instructors are fully certified and are dedicated to helping students succeed. Join us for training, come for the fun & relaxed atmosphere.

F&S Safety Buzz provides Safety Training, Equipment Training, Safety Services, Professional Development, Leadership & Team Building.

F&S Safety Buzz has the first rural safety training campus in the Cypress County.  This has enabled us to focus on outside equipment training & farm safety.  Our 7000 ft2 facility is the largest in SE Alberta and 7 acre outdoor training space, making us the largest in SE Alberta.  Watch a flick in the beehive on breaks or while you are waiting your turn to run the equipment.

Check out our monthly schedule for upcoming training dates.  We are mobile and can provide offsite and after hours training for your convenience. 

F&S Safety Buzz prides itself in creating and facilitating company specific group training.  By doing this the training is a great team builder, reinforces company policy, and shows your employees you really value their safety and want to offer specific training that goes over and above legal requirements.  Clients that have taken advantage of a company specific training program include Richardson Pioneer, The City of Medicine Hat, CNRL, CF Industries, Methanex, Pinecliff, Certainteed Insulation, AECON and Canlin .

Contact us to see how your employees could be eligible to have 2/3rd of their training paid for through the Canada Alberta Job Grant or if you are hiring someone unemployed you can get training funded 100% up to $15,000.  This is eligible for businesses that are incorporated or sole proprietors.  Call us now so we can help out with the grant completion.  Grant must be submitted and approved prior to training commencing.  Usually takes 1 month for approval.

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